Baglini & Romboli Srl

Società tra Professionisti – Dottori Commercialsti

Tradition, Professionalism and Reliability since 1955

Baglini & Romboli - is a professional accountant of professional accountants who can offer high level consulting and services in the various fields (business and corporate - work - taxation and business consulting) with a personalized and customized approach tailored to the specific needs of the customer .Thanks to the articulation of the various locations in Italy (Livorno and Milan), overseas representation (Paris Fr, Bambury UK), as well as the network of collaborators, the Studio has specialized in the support and advise of the start up phase and for those following Italian companies that operate or intend to operate with the United Kingdom, France, British and French companies which intend to undertake activities in Italy and Italian companies that have to approach "difficult" territorial realities such as Congo Brazzaville , Kazakhstan, China Region Guangdong, Hong Kong and others.